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Project Description
iTachtoolkit lets you control stuff from your smartphone!

Even though the iTachtoolkit is primarily intended for use with IR based devices (such as A/V home equipment) in conjunction with one or more IR-gateways (such as the iTach from Global Caché), the toolkit actually encompasses an infrastructure and code base for controlling just about any kind of equipment that has a control interface of some sort.

This software lets you create any number of virtual controllers and schedule events, intercept, modify, redirect or block any IR-command sent on a network.

The toolkit is compatible with the iTach API from Global Caché and can thus be used to interoperate with any other device that supports the same API. This happens to be true for several devices from Global Caché, such as the iTach, the GC100 and so forth.

iTachtoolkit can also be used as a base for enabling control of any device that can be interfaced, either directly or through a network-attached device, such as a regular PC, a microcontroller or what have you.

Typical scenarios include using a smartphone running iOS/Android/Windows device or personal computer to control:

1) A musicplayer such as i.e. Spotify and/or Wimp on a PC
2) Lighting fixtures (may require a radio link)
3) Scheduling in- or outdoor lighting to go on/off at certain points in time
4) Ceiling fans or heat pump inverters
5) Remotly control heating or watering facilities in a summer residence
6) Turn on/off a sauna before home arrival
7) Open garage door and/or gates before home arrival
8) Pool lighting
9) Record and replay any of the commands resulting from the above

The smartphone runs an app, such as iRuleAtHome, TouchIR+, ControlFx or similar to present a "remote control"-like user interface.

The things iTachtoolkit lets you do is merely limitied by your imagination. The iTach API can be found here:

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